Creating and reaching your sustainable goals just got easier. As a sustainability consultant and presenter, my job is to help you translate sustainable options and products into attainable goals for your home, organization, or small business. I live sustainably every day. My strength and passion is in educating the public on what constitutes sustainability.

Using Exterior Shutters for Energy Efficiency If you are wondering how or where to begin, you are not alone. Many people want to reduce their carbon footprint and live more sustainably but may feel overwhelmed by the issues, options, and choices they hear or read about. Below is a list of current topics and ideas. Don't see an exact match to your objectives. Not a problem. Contact me with your questions and ideas. I will help you explore what you can do within your budget and timeframe to make a difference in your environment and the one we all share.

There are 365 days in one year. If you decide to take one sustainable action per day, imagine the difference you could make. One step at a time, your actions can have a lasting impact on the quality of your life and those around you. Contact me to discuss your ideas, goals, or concerns, and how I can guide you on the road to sustainability.

 Consulting **

  • Purchasing a Home – How to Make It Energy Efficient, Non-toxic, and Sustainable
  • Your Current Home – Evaluating its features and HVAC system and how to meet your energy efficiency and sustainable goals
  • Less Waste - Understanding and Implementing Recycle, Upcycle, Salvage, and Compost Options.
  • Evaluating, Choosing, and Using Green, Non-Toxic, Low VOC Paints, Finishes, Furnishings, and Cleaning Products
  • Understanding Ground Source Heat Pumps (Geo-thermal) for Heating and Cooling – How Do They Work and Why are They So Efficient?
  • Designing and Building Sustainably – From Choosing a Site to Building Completion
  • Reduce Your Energy Usage and Pocket the Savings
  • Protecting Trees and Soil During Building Construction
  • Accessibility is Part of Sustainability – Guidance with Incorporating Accessible Features and Products into Your Home Building or Renovation Project
  • Developing and Implementing an Office Sustainability Group
  • Sustainable Event Planning – Personal and Office Events

My fees are reasonable and I will work within your budget. Contact me for more information. ** Consulting topics are also available as Presentation topics.

 Education & Outreach Presentations & Seminars

  • Building and Living Green: Our Story of Learning, Designing, Building, and Living In the House We Envisioned.
  • NEW! Why Birds Strike Glass and How to Minimize It - The Issues with Glass for Birds and Simple Add on Materials and Pane Glass Products That Work
  • A Win-Win! How Choosing Energy Efficient, Green, and Sustainable Products Can Make a Difference for You, Your Home, Your Workplace, and the Environment (This Presentation topic includes improving indoor air quality.)
  • Renewable Energy – What’s it All About and Is It Right for You?
  • Recycling, Upcycling, and Reuse – Understanding Recycling and Your Community Recycling Program, Upcycling, and How to Reduce Waste
  • Accessibility is Part of Sustainability – Why Incorporating Accessible Features and Products into Your Home Building or Renovation Project is Smart
  • Getting a Handle on Invasive Vegetation – Identification, Control Methods, and Why It Matters!
  • The Value of Mature Trees – Why and How to Protect Trees During Construction and Renovation, Working with Tree Professionals, and Understanding the Role of Trees in Reducing Carbon, Minimizing Water Runoff, and As Energy Savers

I’m a presenter with years of public speaking experience. My presentations are factual and enlightening, and focus on the needs and interests of your group. My fees are reasonable and I will work within your budget. If the topics above don't meet your needs, contact me with your ideas or requests. Visit my Presentation page to learn more. NOTE: My Education and Outreach topics can be modified for schools, camps, and other children’s events.



Other Resources

Books and Websites

The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling  by Daniel D. Chiras